Posted by: Elena Carvin | June 8, 2013

Dresden Capital

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 9.48.59 PMDresden Capital is a Venture Capital And  Early Stage financing group.

Please connect with us through one of our partners.

We consider investments in Healthcare, Information Technologies, and Online Software.

Consider Dresden Capital when you want more than just a check of your ES.
Remember, due diligence should be a two way street.
We pride ourselves in offering Funds And a thoughtful depth of experience to leverage your dreams into the realm of reality.

Our network of veteran entrepreneurs offer a confluence of real-world experience and business pragmatics.
We are candid and we are real.

If you have a carnal knowledge of your vertical we may be interested.
If you are ready to hammer, overwhelm, and crush your niche –
We are ready to help you change the world.



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